Jugowice is a former servant settlement, and now an estate of detached houses within the administrative boundaries of Krakow, it is part of the Swoszowice district. The settlement was incorporated into Krakow in 1941. In the past, the local inhabitants used to produce wooden yokes, plows and harrows.

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Bibice is one of the oldest villages near Krakow, located north of Krakow, in the valley of the Bibiczanka stream. The northern part of the town is situated within the area of the Dolinki Krakowskie Landscape Park, while the southern part is situated in the buffer zone of this Park.
Krakow was surrounded by servant settlements which, as the city developed, became suburbs and finally districts of Greater Krakow. The dispute over jurisdiction in these areas was open and therefore the situation was used by various guild obstacles who were not members of the guilds – they acted outside the
Before World War I, on the south-eastern slope of the hill called Sikornik, the Society for the Construction of Cheap Housing Houses planned the construction of a residential and clerical estate. The competition for the design of the estate was announced in 1908, and it was won by Roman Bandurski,
Bielany is the name of the south-western part of Las Wolski, forest located only around 7km from Krakow city centre. The central part of Bielany is Srebrna Góra(Silver Mountain), high hill with a Camaldolese monastery on the top of it. The name of the convent comes from the name of
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