Kochanów was a manor house built in 1839 by Jan Jancenty Kochanowski and his wife Magdalena, née Dembińska. It was located at the corner of Straszewskiego and Wolska streets (today Piłsudskiego). The manor house housed the first daguerreotype workshop of Szymon Żabiński in Krakow. Later, a tenement house was built on the site of the manor house. After the Second World War, for many years it was the seat of the Higher Pedagogical School, and now it is the seat of the Ludwik Solski State Theatre School.

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Is located at 20 Straszewskiego street in Krakow. It was built according to the design of Maksymilian Nitsch. It is characterized by the neo-renaissance style, as evidenced by the columned loggias between two avant-corps referring to the old city buildings. In the years 1970-1977 it was restored.
Is located at Piłsudskiego 12 street in Krakow. Hubert Antoni Krasiński, owner of the Regimentarzówka in Ukraine, doctor and social worker. In 1883 he moved from Warsaw to Kraków, and here he built an elegant mansion there in 1884, designed by Antoni Siedek. After Krasiński’s death, the palace was purchased
Jagiellonian University
Contents1 History1.1 15th – 16th centuries1.2 18th – 19th century1.3 Modern era2 Jagiellonian University today Jagiellonian University was established in 1364. It is the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in the world. Today, Jagiellonian University is one of the most prestigious. Thousands of students draw inspiration from
Jan Matejko House
Contents1 Jan Matejko1.1 Historical painting1.2 Acclaimed artist2 Jan Matejko House3 Tickets and opening hours Jan Matejko Jan Matejko was born in 1838 in Krakow into a mixed family with Polish, German and Czech roots. He was one of eleven children. His mother died, when he was only seven years old, and his
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