Łan Radio

A family radio in which everyone can hear about themselves – announced the organizers of the radio station. It is a local radio in Proszowice, near Krakow, has a range of about 7 km and reaches about 50 thousand people. It emits on 96.70MHz waves

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This radio dedicates its programs to people who have young souls, Blue Radio transmitting music on the frequencies 103.5 and 97.7FM in Krakow.
It was founded in January 1993 and has its headquarters in Węgrzce just outside Krakow, broadcasts by this radio have information, interviews and music. You can hear them on the frequencies 72.56 and 102.40FM
It was established at the end of 1994 as a result of the transformation of the student radio station “Centrum” (AGH) operating in the cable network of the academic town since 1968. RAK broadcasts the program for people connected with the academic community – from high school students, through students,
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