RAK – Radio Akademickie Kraków

It was established at the end of 1994 as a result of the transformation of the student radio station “Centrum” (AGH) operating in the cable network of the academic town since 1968. RAK broadcasts the program for people connected with the academic community – from high school students, through students, to university employees. He broadcasts his program from the student house “Babylon” on the 100.5FM wave. 

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A charity organization helping Polish society during the First World War. It operated from January the 1st 1916 in Warsaw. The president of the council was S. Dzierzbicki, and then E. Sapieha, the president of the Main Board was the initiator of the appointment of the RGO – Eng. A.
Banderia Prutenorum, this words are in Latin, and mean Prussian flags. When after winning the Grunvald battle king Władysław Jagiełło was entering Krakow, his knights were carrying flags of the defeated enemies, Teutonic Knights. The flags were hanged in Wawel Cathedral, and some of later victories were celebrated the same
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