Rada Główna Opiekuńcza (RGO)

A charity organization helping Polish society during the First World War. It operated from January the 1st 1916 in Warsaw. The president of the council was S. Dzierzbicki, and then E. Sapieha, the president of the Main Board was the initiator of the appointment of the RGO – Eng. A. Ronikier. After World War II, the RGO was established in February 1940 in Warsaw, and in May also in Krakow.

RGO dealt with the distribution of food and clothes, helped the displaced, supported financially, ran shelters, nurseries and nurseries. Most importantly, it united all social organizations and collaborated with the Polish Red Cross. It had its resources from membership fees and foreign donations. The Krakow branch was led by Ronikier, who in 1943 was removed after refusing to take part in the harvest festival at Wawel when Hans Frank was stationed there, he was arrested and left no trace of him.

The seat was at Kanonicza No. 18 in Krakow.

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