Lanci Franciszek Maria

Lanci Franz Maria was an architect of Italian origin born in 1799 in Fano, Italy. He came to Poland in 1825. Stanisław Małachowski invited him to his palace in Końskie so that Lanci could perform various works. In 1830, he moved to Kraków and ran the restoration of royal tombs in WawelHe died in 1875 in Warsaw.

Some of Lanci’s works in Krakow and other cities in southern Poland:

  • designing the sarcophagus of Tadeusz Kościuszko
  • rebuilding the chapel of bishop Filip Padniewski into the tomb chapel of the Potocki family
  • designing a shooting range, tower, gazebo and mansion in the Strzelecki Garden
  • transformation in the neo-Gothic style of the Holy Trinity chapel in the Wawel cathedral
  • reconstruction of the castle in Będzin
  • restoration of the castle in Zator
  • construction of the castle in Zagórzany near Gorlice
  • designing many architectural details in the palace in Krzeszowice
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