Landscape parks

There are six landscape parks in Krakow:

Bielańsko – Tyniecki Landscape Park – its area is 5410 hectares. It includes: Krzemionki Zakrzowskie, the Sowiniec range, the Tynieckie Hills, the Vistula gorge between Tyniec and Piekary, the Skołczanka reserve, Maiden Rocks, Bielańskie Rocks.

Dłubniański Landscape Park: Its area covers 6,970 hectares. Includes: Dłubnia upper reaches to Iwanowice and Raciborowice, rock gorges of the river near Imbramowice and Iwanowice.

Krakow Valleys Landscape Park  – Its area is 13,710 hectares. It includes: gorges and karst valleys north of the Rudawa Valley, the Racławka Valley, the Bolechowicki Gorge, Ostra Góra, rock outliers – a natural monument, and the Upper Wirzchowska Cave.

Eagles’ Nests Landscape Park  – Its area is 59,600 hectares. It covers the north-central part of the Jurassic Landscape Parks complex, including 9 nature reserves, the remains of castles – Eagles’ Nests: Olsztyn Mirów, Rabsztyn, Ogrodzieniec.

Rudański Landscape Park – its area is 4,610 hectares. It includes: the western part of the Kraków Gate, part of the Garb Tenczyński near Alwernia and the Kajasówka reserve.

Tenczyński Landscape Park  – Its area is 11,750 hectares. It includes: the eastern part of Garb Tenczyński, Bronowice Male, Mników, karst valleys, Brzoskwinia, Puszcza Dulowska, reserves – Lipowiec, Mnikowska Valley, Skała Kmita.

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