Lenin Vladimir

Lenin Vladimir was the leader of the Russian and international workers movement and the creator of the Soviet state. He was born in 1870 in Symbirsk, died in 1924 in Gorki near Moscow. In the years 1912-1914 he lived in Krakow, where until the outbreak of World War I he led the revolutionary movement.

There are or were many places related to him in Krakow, e.g.:

  • Hotel “Victoria”, no longer existing today, where Lenin and his wife stayed
  • Królowej Jadwigi 41 street, where his second home was located
    47 then 49 Aleksandra Lubomirskiego Street, where he lived
  • the Jagiellonian Library with Lenin’s signature
  • 5 Topolowa Street, where the Lenin Museum was established, later liquidated
  • the monument in Nowa Huta by Marian Konieczny, was later placed in the Museum of Technology in Sweden
  • The street in Nowa Huta was named after Lenin, today it is called Aleja Solidarności
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