Mączyński Franciszek

Mączyński Franciszek was an architect born in Wadowice in 1874. He studied in Krakow, Vienna and Paris. He was the author of many construction studies and the conservator of St. Mary’s Basilica for 25 years.

The main achievements of Mączyński

In collaboration with Tadeusz Stryjeński he was working on:

  • construction of the Carmelite church and convent at 40 Łobzowska Street
  • rebuilding the building of the Stary Theater (1903-1906)
  • construction of the building of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce at 1 Długa Street (1906-1907)

His individual projects are:

  • construction of the building of the Society of Friends of Fine Arts (Polish: Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Sztuk Pięknych) on Szczepański Square (1899-1901)
  • construction of the Jesuit Church at Kopernika Street (1909-1921
  • developing the plan of “KS Cracovia Game Park”

He settled permanently in Krakow in 1900 and died there in 1947.

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