Asnyk Adam

Asnyk Adam, famous Polish poet and social activist, was born in Kalisz in 1838 and died in Krakow in 1897, he was a son of the November Uprising member. Adam was a member of conspiracy movement, in 1860 he was imprisoned in Warsaw, he was also taking part in January Uprising. After the revolt’s failure he emigrated to Italy and Germany. He had got his doctor degree in philosophy in Heidelberg(Germany), in 1870, after a short stay in Lviv, he moved to Krakow. Starting from 1882 he was a co-editor of “Reforma”(later “Nowa Reforma”) newspaper, since 1889 he was its editor in chief.

He was a passionate traveller, he managed to visit Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Ceylon, India.

He was a Krakow city councilman, deputy to the National Seym on behalf of the Democrats, co-organiser and the first president of the Society of the School of Folk.

Some of his works he dedicated to the social activities, he was not afraid to criticize the government and its acts. One of his artistic nicknames was Jan Stożek.

During his funeral in 1897 the Royal Sigismund Bell was tolling, which happens only on big religious and national holidays and events very important for Krakow and Poland. Adam Asnyk was buried in the Crypt of Honour, next to Jan Długosz, Stanisław Wyspiański, Czesław Miłosz and other noble Polish men.

One of the streets in Krakow was named after Adam Asnyk, you can also find the memory board dedicated to him at Łobzowska St 7.

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