Meisels Beer

Meisels Beer was a rabbi and patriotic activist. He was born in 1798 in Szczekociny. He was engaged in banking. Together with his wife, he founded the banking company Meisels and Bornstein. He lived in Kazimierz, Krakow, where one of the streets is named after him today. He was very involved in the affairs of Jews. He was a spokesman for the cooperation between Jews and Poles, he took part in the November Uprising, and organized the National Guard among Jews in Krakow to support insurgent activities. During the Spring of Nations, he became a member of the Citizens’ Committee and the National Committee. In 1832 Meisels became the rabbi in Kraków, and in 1856 he became the rabbi of Warsaw.

Meisels was a great patriot. In 1858, he introduced the teaching of the Polish language to Jewish schools, participated in various patriotic activities and demonstrations, and also took part in works on the education reform.

He was known for his anti-Russian activities. In 1861, the tsaris authorities ordered the closure of all Warsaw churches. As part of solidarity with Catholic believers, Meisels ordered the closure of Warsaw synagogues, for which he was imprisoned and expelled from Poland. After a few years he was allowed to return. He died in Warsaw in 1870.

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