Money exchange

On the initiative of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Stock Exchange was established on the 20th January 1919. It was modeled on the Vienna Stock Exchange, and from 1924 based on Polish legal regulations. The stock exchange consisted of 174 members, including 54 banks, credit unions, 13 bureaux de change, commercial and industrial companies, construction and confectionery societies, economic unions and insurance companies. The main task of the stock exchange was to trade in currencies and securities according to exchange rates set by committees of brokers. The seat of the stock exchange was at Długa 1 st, then Mikołajska 32 st and Sławkowska 3 st.

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A priest, educator, social activist, born in Dyckojno near Kaunas in Lithuania, died in Kraków. He came from a family of parochial nobility. After graduating from high school in Vilnius, he entered the 20th Missionaries’ Seminary in Krakow, and then was ordained a priest in Lviv. He became the provincial
You may see the name Prądnik on buses or maps – it is correct, the Krakow‘s districts Prądnik Biały and Prądnik Czerwony owe their names to the small river that flows through it. Prądnik river has its source in Sułoszowa village, with length of 35 kilometres flows through Ojcow National
Located at Lubicz 4 Street in Krakow, right next to the Main Railway Station is located Wołodkowicz Palace. It is now the seat of the post office. Rebuilt in 1884 according to the design of Tadeusz Stryjeński and Władysław Ekielski, it is a beautiful example of eclecticism modeled of  French
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Yes, the entrance to the Museum is free of charge and you can visit Auschwitz on your own. It does not refers to the period between April 1st and October 31st, when the entry is possible only for guided tours.
Museum of History of Photography in Krakow
Establishing of the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow back in the 1970s was an initiative of Photographic Society in Krakow. The core of the collection was unique 19th-century negatives of Walery Rzewuski’s photographs. Walery Rzewuski was a Krakow-born photographer and activist of great reputation, whose works are now
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