In other words, it is a skimmer, a craftsman who produces belts and haberdashery, i.e. textiles used to decorate uniforms, liturgical vestments and upholstered furniture. The first piece of information about Krakow‘s pasamonki comes from 1365, when they agreed with saddlers from Grodzka Street that the latter ones made by themselves would knock out with tin, and that pasamon with brass, and that they would not make Russian stripes or sewn bits. The features of the striped pattern were found in many Polish cities. In Krakow, this guild survived until the mid-nineteenth century. City regulations stipulated that every craftsman, if he wanted to practice his profession in Krakow, had to be a citizen of the city, and thus accept the city law, and after receiving the title of master – get married. There were usually four guildmasters in the guild of pasamon: the elder, the senior and two pug-brothers. A very important duty was to make sure that the guild kept the tower in the city walls in good order. When admitted among the townspeople, he submitted a certain amount of gunpowder or rifles to the town hall to defend the tower.

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Kazimierz, the current Krakow district, over the years was an independent village. In 1335 King Kazimierz Wielki gave it city rights, and the town was called after him. As the Kazimierz has been developing, there was a necessity to create a place for its government. As a result, in 1414,
Jagiellonian University Museum
Jagiellonian University Museum is located in University’s oldest building – Collegium Maius. Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364 by king Casimir III the Great. Initially, it did not have a headquarters and lectures were probably held in the Wawel Castle. In 1400, king Wladyslaw II Jagiello purchased a building at the
Historical Museum of Krakow
Historical Museum of Krakow is a municipal institution focused on cultivating local traditions and sharing knowledge of Krakow’s history. The Museum consists of several branches, scattered around the city. Its origins date back to 1899, as a division of the Old Records Office of Krakow. Employees of the Office gathered memorabilia
Main Square
The Main Square in Krakow is a large, almost 430,000 ft2 square in the very heart of the historic Old Town. It is one of the largest of all grand squares in medieval cities of Europe and is by far the most beautiful. With its many well preserved and colourful townhouses,
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