According to the Pharmacy Museum the oldest pharmacy in Krakow was founded in 1278, it belonged to monks. But the city archive states that the first pharmacy was opened in 1336. Interesting that in the goods sold in these old pharmacies had nothing in common with medicine, mostly they were spice, soap and confectionery products.

Most pharmacies in Krakow were named after the emblem that was on the building where they were located, like “Under the Sun”, “Under the Golden Head”, “Under the Golden Griffin”, “Under the White Eagle” etc.

Nowadays the most well known pharmacy in Krakow is Eagle Pharmacy. Located at the territory of former Krakow Ghetto it is famous thanks to the great courage of its owner Tadeusz Pankiewicz during the occupation of Krakow.

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At the beginning of the XVII century one outstanding Jewish bookseller appears. Chronicles state that he was bringing books even from Venice, that was quite a rear thing at those times. In 1618 the book store was closed by king Zygmunt III, as its existence was inducing the anti-Jewish tumults.
Historical Museum of Krakow
Contents1 Krzysztofory Palace2 Old Synagogue3 Schindler’s Factory4 The Eagle Pharmacy5 Pomorska Street5.1 Memory Trail6 Hipolit House7 Town Hall Tower8 Barbican9 Rynek Underground10 Zwierzyniec House11 Nowa Huta Historical Museum of Krakow is a municipal institution focused on cultivating local traditions and sharing knowledge of Krakow’s history. The Museum consists of several
Krakow Ghetto
Krakow Ghetto was established in 1941 in Podgorze district. It was one of five major, metropolitan Jewish ghettos created by Nazi Germany in the territories of occupied Poland (General Government – Generalne Gubernatorstwo). Before 1939, Krakow was inhabited by around 70.000 Jews, with the vast majority living in the district
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