Piotr Jacek Pruszcz

Born in 1605, died in 1668, a pedel from the Krakow Academy. Writer, Krakow lover, born in Tuchola. The author of the first guidebook of Krakow entitled “Jewels of the capital city of Krakow” or “churches and what is worthy and significant about them, briefly described”. According to some researchers of Krakow’s past, the publisher of these guides was- Franciszek Cezary, not Pruszcz.

Pruszcz wrote subsequent guides in the years: 1650, 1745 and 1861. Apart from them, he also published: “The Fortress of Monarchs and the entire Polish kingdom, a clergyman” and “The sea of divine grace, in which God punishes Poland in various places at the images of Christ the Lord and His Holy Mother. he pours daily abundantly on the hearts of pious people”.

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