The beginnings of the Polish press should be sought in Krakow. Here, from January 3 to May 4, 1661, “Merkuriusz Polski, the history of all the world within itself, closed for Informacyey pospotey”, was published. The publisher and editor was the secretary of King Jan Kazimierz Hieronim Pinocci, and the magazine was pressed in the printing house of Jan Aleksander Gorczyn on Mały Rynek number 6. However, as recent research conducted by the Polish Academy of Sciences shows, the first newspaper-like print appeared in 1525 in the royal publishing house of Hieronim Wietor. The appearance of the permanent daily press is related to the Kościuszko Uprising. The first daily newspaper in Krakow – “Gazeta Krakowska” appeared in 1796 and was published until 1848, published by Jan Maj, then Stanisław Gieszkowski and others. In the 18th century, the magazines “Krakowskie Kointelligencja”, “Collection of Weekly News”, “Monitor Różnych Ciekawości”, “Wiadomości foreignskie z Krakowa” were published. In the nineteenth century, “Dziennik Departamentowy Krakowski”, “Pszczółka Krakowska”, “Goniec Krakowski”, “Government Journal”, “Rozmaitości Krakowskie” “Morning Star”. In the interwar period, Przegląd Współczesny was published on the initiative of professors of the Jagiellonian University. Moreover, “Głos Narodu” and “Nowiny”. During the Nazi occupation, both Kraków and Warsaw were centers of the underground press. At that time, 158 titles of various political orientations were published

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Krakow Jazz Autumn
Krakow Jazz Autumn is a yearly festival organised from September till December in Alchemia club in Kazimierz. The cosy atmosphere of the place provides intimate surroundings for musical meetings of the greatest artists of contemporary improvised music. The first edition took place in 2006 and from then on the festival has extended
Cloth Hall
The majestic building in the centre of Krakow’s Main Square – Cloth Hall (Sukiennice in Polish), has stood there for almost seven centuries. It has now become one of the city’s best landmarks. The Cloth Hall has been the heart of the trade in Krakow from city’s very beginning. For centuries it
Wawel Cathedral
History of the Cathedral The Cathedral on the Wawel Hill is a place of worship of top significance. It is due to the role that temple served over the centuries. From the reign of the very first King of Poland, Boleslaw Chrobry, son of Mieszko I, the Wawel Hill was
Wawel Castle
Wawel Castle is located on Wawel Hill in Krakow, ancient capital of Poland. Wawel Castle had been the residence of Polish kings for centuries and a site of most important events in Polish history. It is considered to be the symbol of Polish statehood. The Wawel Castle is also one
Krakow Airport
Krakow Airport is located 15 km from Krakow’s Old Town in a suburban area, Balice. It is the second busiest Polish airport that welcomes thousands of passengers each day. Prospects for airport’s development are bright since within 100 km from the airport lives almost 8 million people and Krakow is
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