Porębski Mieczysław

Have you ever heard about Mieczysław Porębski? No? So it is high time to change it!

This honored art historian, theorist, the critic was born in Gniezno in 1921. How is he connected with Krakow? He graduated in history of art from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, in 1970 become the head of the Department of Modern Art, binding permanently with the City of Kings. Held also functions of National Museum in Krakow curator. During his lifetime, Porębski was involved in reshaping of Gallery in Sukiennice Hall and Gallery of Polish Painting.

He was highly interested in XIX and XX centuries art, art and culture theory, iconography. Porębski was an author of multiple academic works from these fields. Awarded with various prizes around the whole of Europe.

Died in 2012 in Warsaw, capital of Poland.

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