Przegorzały village

Now Przegorzały is part of Krakow; however, over the centuries, they were separated village. The first mentions in chronicles and documents come from 1162. Here, in Przegorzały, the second-highest range of Las Wolski hills is located. The first one is Pustelnik towering over the city on the high of 352 meters.
Przegorzały also became nazist’s favored place – here, in “Schloss Wartenberg”, SS-man resort has been placed.

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Tyniec – Benedictine Abbey
Origins According to local tradition, Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec near Krakow was founded in 1044 by Polish prince Casimir I the Restorer. As the Polish state was very young at the time and after a deep crisis, the Benedictines were to support the reconstruction of Church and state. The monastery was built
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