Przytulisko Weteranów 1863/1864

After the fall of the January Uprising, many of its participants settled in Krakow. From the contributions of former insurgents and with the help of the city’s inhabitants, the first Veterans’ Shelter in Poland was created. First, it was located in a house in Zwierzyniec, near the Norbertine convent, but due to the demolition of the house, it was moved to a purchased house at Biskupi Square No. 18. Veterans received money for the abandoned house and from the care committee, which was terminating its activities. The new headquarters was opened in 1901 and 20 veterans lived here. In 1922, The Treasury took care of the house. In 1933, only 5 inhabitants remained from the January Uprising: Karol Chumowiecki, Artur Gierzyński, Maksymilian Nyczkowski, Tomasz Pawłowski, and Tadeusz Żelechowski. The last participant in the uprising died in 1937, it was Medard Morawiecki, he died in his own home in Zabłocie. During World War II, Józef Krzysztoforski farmed in Przytulisko, taking care of homeless children and youth. After the war, it housed a canteen and dormitory for the Disabled, and they were given the building to run the Association. In 1987, the Chamber of National Remembrance of the January Uprising was established here, in which various memorabilia from the times of the uprising are kept. Photographs of insurgents, parts of weapons, paintings, urns with soil from battlefields. It is here that meetings devoted to the participants of the uprising are organized Adam Chmielowski, Jan Ciszcze and others.

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