Ptaszycki Tadeusz

Have you ever seen pictures of Nowa Huta – the most communist-looking part of Krakow? If yes – you may be interested in who designed its unusual appearance. Of course, it was Tadeusz Ptaszycki – find out more about the creator of the most iconic Krakow districts.

Tadeusz Ptaszycki was born in 1908 in Petersburg (in Russia). He came to Warsaw, where he graduated in architecture and became an assistant. Had some significant achievements on his account – dealt with reconstruction of Wroclaw after the war, designed first local spatial development plan.

Between 1949 and 1960, he was the general designer of the Nowa Huta district. We owe him the current creation of this historical and unusual part of Krakow. Let’s see it during a communism tour – you will be impressed!

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Nowa Huta
Nowa Huta is today the easternmost district of Krakow. Conceived in the late 1940s as a separate city, it was a realisation of the Stalinist utopia. The city developed around a giant Lenin Steelworks created there to put thousands of people to work in the proletarian spirit. Nowa Huta was supposed to overshadow
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