PTSM Shelters

Shelter of the Polish Society of Youth Shelters. Most often they are organized in school buildings or modest shelters with camping sites. They are the cheapest and most popular form of organizing cheap accommodation for young people, especially for school trips. But to this day, PTSM may also be used by seniors and use their services. There are four shelters in Krakow: Przy Oleandry st., Koćiuszki st., Szablowskiego st. And Stawowej st.

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Poet, playwright, prose writer, translator, born and died in Krakow. He studied law at the Jagiellonian University, where he obtained his doctorate and continued his studies in Berlin. Later, he lived in Warsaw, where he collaborated with “Gazeta Polska”. He married the daughter of a peasant from Bronowice Małe, Wyspiański
The French Institute is located at Stolarska 15 in Krakow. It was founded in 1947 and is still operating today. The main program of activities involves organizing French language courses, conducting a wide cultural activity, screening French films, organizing art exhibitions, theatrical performances, singing recitals, concerts, etc.
Shopping centres in Krakow
There are several shopping centres in Krakow where you can buy things from clothes and shoes to kitchenware to medicine to groceries. In Krakow shopping is nice and easy, because shops are usually open until late hours and located in many places around the city. If you are traveling to Krakow
Krzysztofory Palace
Contents1 History2 Historical Museum of Krakow2.1 Cyberteka. Krakow − time and space3 Visit the Krzysztofory Palace3.1 Opening hours:3.2 Ticket prices: Krzysztofory Palace is one of the most important townhouses in the Krakow Main Square. Now Baroque in style, this town palace has a long and vivid history. Today, it houses a
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