On June 30th 1946, a referendum was held throughout the country. Citizens could choose between yes or no. The first question was “Whether to abolish the Senate”, the second was “the preservation of economic changes in the years 1944-1946” and the third was “the maintenance of the borders on the Oder and Neisse”. Against the Polish Workers Party in Kraków, 84% of voters voted NO for the first question, 72% for the second question, and the third for 29.5% on NO. Election absenteeism was 15%. A large number of votes were invalid, which resulted in the displacement of the intelligentsia, as well as the decision to build a steel mill near Krakow.

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Kossak Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska Maria was a poet, playwright, painter and daughter of Wojciech Kossak. She was born in Kraków in 1891. She studied mostly at home, and briefly attended the Academy of Fine Arts as a freelance student. She mainly painted flowers. She traveled to Italy, France, Turkey and North Africa.
Private and Group Auschwitz Tour lasts for approximately 6,5 hours. The drive takes around 1 h 10 minutes each way and pick-up time can be arranged between 8:30 a. m. – 11:00 a. m. Visiting the museum with a professional guide takes about 3.5 h, depending on the tour type.
Bayit Hadash – Encounters with Jewish Culture
For over two decades, the Judaica Foundation has organised a series of meetings and events entitled Bayit Hadash. Each year, for almost a month, Judaica houses various initiatives to promote Jewish culture, but also to foster relations between smaller communities in Krakow – Polish, foreign and with Jewish roots alike. Each
Polish Aviation Museum
Contents1 Polish Aviation Museum2 How to get there3 Visit the Polish Aviation Museum3.1 3.2 Opening hours of the polish aviation museum3.3 Prices of tickets in PLN Origins of the Polish Aviation Museum are connected with the international exhibition organised in 1964 by the Krakow Flying Club. The exhibition was held in
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