Reformed Franciscan Church cemetery

These are the underground crypts where during the last 200 years monks and some magnates(generous donors) were buried. There can be also seen a body of Napoleonic soldier, who died in Krakow during the army’s marsh across the Europe. Thanks to a unique micro climate the corpses are well preserved, bodies are exposed to the visitors which are allowed to enter the crypt only on few special dates during the year.

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This place should be rather called a crypt than a cemetery as it is just small room located under the presbytery of Camaldolese temple at Bielany, where the remains of monks are kept. The hermitage and the crypt exist since the XVII century. In each monk’s cell there is a
Aaron was the first abbot of Benedictines, who were brought to Krakow by Casimir I the Restorer. According to some records Aaron was born in the Cologne. He became the fifth bishop of Krakow in 1045, after Czech prince Bretislav destroyed Gniezno in 1048 he became the archbishop of Poland. 
St. Mary’s Basilica
Contents1 The exterior2 The interior3 St. Mary’s Trumpet Call4 Visit the St. Mary’s Basilica St. Mary’s Basilica in the Main Square is one of Krakow’s best landmarks and probably one of the most widely recognised churches in Poland. It is an excellent example of Gothic architecture in Poland and its interior hides
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