Rivers in Krakow – Potok Olszanicki

Potok Olszanicki has its source near to Krakow-Balice airport. This inconspicuous stream, with a length of only 4 kilometers, is quite dangerous. Potok Olszanicki feeds Rudawa river, thankfully, before the drinking water intake. The stream is very contaminated on all its length. In other situations – it would pollute the Krakow potable water sources.

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Besides the Vistula, the biggest river which is crossing the Krakow, there are still some other, smaller rivers, important for the city transportation. One of them is Dłubnia, 51 kilometers long river. It has its source in Trzyciąż village, then flows through Iwanowice, Michałowice fills the retention reservoir and heading
Flows through the city from the west to the east, below Kraków turns north-east. Flowing through the eastern end of the Grzbiet Tęczyński , it creates a amazing ravine. During a low water level, 26 cubic meters of water flow down the Vistula per second, during an average state of
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