Rodło – emblem of the Union of Poles in Germany

Have you ever wondered how some Polish emblems look and what kind of story is hidden behind them? Here you are!

Rodło is the name of an emblem of the Union of Poles in Germany. It was created in 1922 to protect the interests of Poles living in Germany. In 1924 the Chief Council decided to establish Rodło as a national identity symbol.

In 1939 the union was disbanded, and its fortune took over by Nazi Government.

How is Rodło connected with Krakow?

During conversations over the emblem’s appearance, one of the members suggested putting on it Vistula – the longest river in Poland and, of course, Krakow – as a representation and birthplace of Polish culture. All agreed, and Janina Kłopocka – artist and member, created Rodło as we know it now.
Finally, we recognize Rodło as the connection of Vistula and Krakow; besides, one of the boulevards located in the City of Kings is called after the emblem of the Union of Poles in Germany.

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