Rydlówka is a museum dedicated to one event – a wedding, which took place in the manor house in Bronowice Małe in Krakow, where the most controversial wedding took place on the 20th of November 1900, which echoed in Young Poland’s literature, because the poet, the son of a university professor of medicine, marries a peasant woman. It was the wedding of Lucjan Rydel with Jadwiga Mikołajczyk, daughter of a Bronowice’s peasant, sister of Włodzimierz Tetmajer. All Krakow artists came to the wedding, as well as Stanisław Wyspiański, who described this event in one of his works, “The Wedding”, whose art turned out to be even greater phenomenon than the event itself. Later, the young couple bought the wedding house, called it Rydlówka, and in 1969 the Museum of Young Poland was opened there, where you can admire three rooms: a dance, a wedding and an alcove, with traditional furniture, costumes, and paintings by contemporary painters: Wyspiański, Stanisławski, Tetmajer, Wodzinowski , Fabijański and others.

Rydlowka on map

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