The entire eastern part of the Sowiniec range in the Wolski Forest, starting from the Vistula River. Apparently, the name comes from the fact that there are many titmouses in this forest. When in 1702 the chapel of Bl. Bronisława, this part of Sikornik began to be called the Bronisława Hill. In 1970, an asphalt promenade was built, which starts right behind the Kościuszko Mound and leads straight to the Wolski Forest. On the way, we pass the Sikornik hill, 297 m above sea level, numerous forests, thickets and picturesque ravines.

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As you may see in the title – Zygmunt Robel was a toxicologist. However, his history is far more interesting. He was born in 1886 in Krakow as a son of a military official. Graduated Jaggielonian University – in 1912 ended his Ph.D. in chemistry. During his studies, Robel did
Popiel was born in 1807 in Krakow, where he also died in 1892. Known for his activity in politics and publicists. Pawel started his career with law studies at Warsaw University, which he continued in Paris. After returning to Warsaw, Popiel becomes a Member of the local spirituality committee. As
The Geological Museum of the Polish Academy of Sciences is located at 3 Senacka Street next to the Department of Dynamic Geology of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow. The museum houses collections that are over 100 years old. The Polish collection of
Folk Art Fair
Every year in August, Krakow Main Market Square is crammed with stalls selling folk arts and crafts. Folk Art Fair lasts for over two weeks and occupies a large part of the Main Square in front of the Cloth Hall. In addition to selling all sorts of folk goods and
Leonardo da Vinci in Krakow
Contents1 Lady with an Ermine in Czartoryski Museum2 Symbolism of the Lady with an Ermine3 See the famous Lady with an Ermine in Krakow4 Ticket prices and opening hours Leonardo da Vinci paintings are amongst the most valuable and admired in the world. The artist himself was a real Renaissance man, extraordinarily talented
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