Stefan Ranatowicz

A canon who died in 1694, chronicler of the monastery of Canons Regular Lateran, author of the history of Kazimierz and Krakow. He came from a middle-class family. In 1637, he joined the Order of Regular Lateran Canons at the Corpus Christi church, they were commonly known as sacred houses. For some time, Ranatowicz performed the functions of the horse superior in Sucha and Kurozwęki, and around 1673 he settled permanently in his monastery in Kazimierz. He wrote works: “Describing the incursion of the Swedes to Poland and Krakow”, “The Bright Torch of the Apostolic Life. Holy Life. Stanisław Kazimierczyk“. He also prepared a chronicle of the miracles of this blessed Stanisław Kazimierczyk, canon of the monastery at the Corpus Christi church.

Ranatowicz was the first to deal with the history of the city of Kazimierz, but he did not limit himself, he also wrote about Krakow and other cities.

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