The Ludwik Solski State Theater School

The Ludwik Solski State Theater School is located at 22 Floriana Straszewskiego Street in Krakow. The first efforts to establish a drama school were undertaken in 1865. There were also the Stanisław Knake-Zawadzki school, the Gabriela Zapolska school, the Michał Przybyłowicz school, and the Kazimierz Gabryelski school. School – that’s a big word, it was rather theater studies educating actors. In 1919, the Municipal Drama School was established, which lasted 10 years. In 1939, the Theater Confraternity was founded, organized by Tadeusz Kudliński and Wiesław Gorecki. In 1945, three theater studios were established in Krakow: the Actor’s Studio at the Stary Theater, the Dramatic Studio, and the Actor’s Studio at the Juliusz Słowacki City Theater. In 1946, Juliusz Osterwa, taking over three studies, established the Drama School, which was nationalized in the same year. After a few changes of headquarters and many renovations, it is finally located at 22 Straszewskiego Street. The most prominent Polish names are associated with this school: Halina Gryglaszewska, Leszek Herdegen, Jerzy Stuhr and Zbigniew Cybulski.

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