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Wianki – Fête de la Musique

Pyrotechnics show during Wianki 2016
Pyrotechnics show during Wianki 2016

The festivals-packed and eventful summer in Krakow kicks off with a real musical feast – Wianki. For several years now, around the first day of summer, thousands of people has been gathering on the riverbanks of Vistula to participate in concerts of great Polish and international artists. As Wianki is one of the most anticipated summer events in Krakow, it has expanded and now it features at least four stages located in various parts of the city.

The headline of the event Fête de la Musique, refers to the annual music celebration taking place all around the world on June 21st, the first day of summer. The name, however, Wianki, refers to the old Polish custom associated with the beginning of summer, when unmarried women would make wreaths and let them on the waters of Vistula. Indeed, the festival today includes a competition for the most beautiful wreath. There is a variety of events accompanying the festival, such as workshops for children, theatre performances and pyrotechnics shows. The festival ends with a fireworks display.

Wianki 2017

This year, Wianki is taking place on June 24th. There are four main stages – on the Main Market Square, where the most famous Polish artists of contemporary popular music will perform; on Szczepanski Square the stage will welcome prominent local artists; Main Square of Podgorze District is where the rising stars of Polish music will have a chance to show their music; and the stage in Nowa Huta will be dedicated to jazz.

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