Bimonthly, an independent political and cultural magazine in Krakow. Founded by a group of intellectuals associated with the opposition before August 1980, it appeared in the uncensored circulation since 1990 and is officially released.

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A monthly magazine dedicated to the protection of the human environment. Published in Krakow by the “Sigma” Publishing House of Technical Journals and Books. The first issue appeared in January 1973, the first editor-in-chief was prof. Tadeusz Wojtaszek. The ambition of “Aura” is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the
A monthly magazine in Krakow devoted to the problems of contemporary architecture. There are many materials from the world achievements, examples and documentation of modern solutions. The magazine, with a caring and beautiful layout, has been published since 1992. Its first editor-in-chief was Ewa Smęder, publisher – Firma Wydawniczo-Reklamowa.
Bimonthly affiliated with the Jagiellonian University, edited in cooperation with the Scientific Circle of Theaterologists. It has been published since 1994 by the Krakow Theater Association. This interesting magazine, which enjoys great popularity in the theater circles of the whole country, is headed by a 3-person college: Łukasz Drewniak, Grzegorz
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