Art Palace

The palace, located at Szczepański Square no 4 in Krakow, was designed by Franciszek Mączyński in the Art Nouveau style. Decorated with the busts of Jan Matejko and Stanisław Wyspiański. The frieze running around the entire building was composed by Jacek Malczewski. The Palace is the seat of Towarszystwo Friends of Fine Arts, and there are also sculpture and  painting exhibitions

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The palace is located at 71 Szlak Street, from the 10th century, there was a palace of Montelupich, who for almost 100 years were Polish postmaster. From this palace the monarchs entered Krakow. The next owners were the Jesuits, the Badenich family, and then the Tarnowski family. Stanisław Tarnowski, a
This is the former seat of the Balicki family of the Topór coat of arms, and then of the Tęczyński family. At the beginning of the 16th century, Balice was taken over by a Kraków merchant – Seyrid Betman, whose daughter married Seweryn Boner – a representative of the richest
There was no room for a palace in the urban concept of Krakow. It was a building that was contrary to the assumptions of the founding city, limited by defensive walls, where every square meter of area was worth its weight in gold. The thirteenth century urban planner divided the
Jan Matejko House
Contents1 Jan Matejko1.1 Historical painting1.2 Acclaimed artist2 Jan Matejko House3 Tickets and opening hours Jan Matejko Jan Matejko was born in 1838 in Krakow into a mixed family with Polish, German and Czech roots. He was one of eleven children. His mother died, when he was only seven years old, and his
Wyspianski Stained Glass
Contents1 Stained Glass1.0.1 Franciscan Chuch1.0.2 Wyspianski Pavilion1.0.3 Interior design Stanislaw Wyspianski was a Polish dramatist, poet, and painter. He created within the philosophy of Young Poland. It was an art movement at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries that focused on decadence, symbolism and impressionism. This period is also associated with
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