Palace on Szlak street

The palace is located at 71 Szlak Street, from the 10th century, there was a palace of Montelupich, who for almost 100 years were Polish postmaster. From this palace the monarchs entered Krakow. The next owners were the Jesuits, the Badenich family, and then the Tarnowski family. Stanisław Tarnowski, a literary historian, professor at the Jagiellonian University and president of the Academy of Learning, lived here. The last owner was the Religious Congregation of the Salvatorian Fathers. Since 1950, the palace on the trail houses the Krakowska Broadcasting Station of Polish Radio.

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Located was at Sławkowska 32 street. In the past, there was a hotel “under Sobieski” here. In the years 1882-1883, it was rebuilt according to the design of Karol Zaremba into a palace for Countess Brandysowa, and later for the Baden family. In 1921, the belvedere was built according to
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