Asnyk Mansion

It was located at 7 Łobzowska St. in Krakow. The writer and poet Adam Asnyk, after leaving Warsaw, came to Kraków in 1869 and from 1871 until his death in 1897 he lived in a suburban mansion on the river at Łobzowska St. The poet took an active part in the cultural life of Kraków at that time. Ignacy Sewer Maciejowski, Mieczysław Pawlikowski and Bolesław Ulanowski also lived near the manor house. Today there is a commemorative plaque in the place where the manor house was located.

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Asnyk Adam, famous Polish poet and social activist, was born in Kalisz in 1838 and died in Krakow in 1897, he was a son of the November Uprising member. Adam was a member of conspiracy movement, in 1860 he was imprisoned in Warsaw, he was also taking part in January
University Quarter
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Adam Mickiewicz Monument
Contents1 Adam Mickiewicz1.1 National Bard2 Adam Mickiewicz Monument in Krakow2.1 Local customs Adam Mickiewicz Monument is a memorial for the greatest Polish poet of the Romanticism period. He is a figure widely respected by the Poles and important for the Polish history and national spirit. He is regarded one of the “Three
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