Attic is the top part of the front cornice of the building, it is the part of the wall that covers the roof and crowns the whole building. It had both decorative and fire protection functions. For the first time in Krakow attics appeared after the 1544 law issued by the city council. It was announced that to increase the fire safety of the town the shape of the roofs on all buildings had to be changed from steep Gothic styled to so-called butterfly or V roofs. Attics were supposed to cover the new roof from the front and decorate the building and also separate it from the neighbours on the sides and stop the spread of fire.

You can see the beautiful examples of attics on many buildings in Krakow:

·         Sukiennice Cloth Hall

·         Mariacki Sq 4

·         Kamienica Szara, Main Market Sq 6

·         Kamienica Bonerowska, Main Market Sq 9

·         Wielopolskich Palace, Wszystkich Świętych Sq 3/4

·         Kazimierz town hall, Wolnica Sq 1

·         Kanonicza 2


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