Azory is the name of one of the districts of Krakow located west of the city center. There used to be fields and wastelands there, but in 1932 single-family houses were built there. The estate was called Azory because it was so far from the center that it was considered the end of the world. Today, the Azores are a large residential area.

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Kapelanka (english: chaplain) is a street in Krakow that separates Ludwinów from Zakrzówek. The name comes from the farm and hamlet that once existed there. Jan Długosz wrote that the manor house there was called Folwarky. This place was later called a chaplain, probably because its first owners were called
A district of Krakow lying on the right bank of the Vistula. As a result of the First Partition of Poland in 1772, the Austrians took the entirety of Lesser Poland to the Vistula River, and Krakow became a border city. The area of ​​today’s Podgórze also includes former villages
Old Town
The area of today’s Krakow Old Town (in Polish Stare Miasto) actually mirrors the territories of the town of Krakow from the Middle Ages until the end of 18th century. History of the Krakow Old Town begins in the 9th century and leaves an important mark in the origins of Polish statehood.
Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)
History of Kazimierz dates back to 1335 when Polish King Casimir III the Great declared that on a small island on the Vistula river a new town was to be located. It was supposed to protect the southern boundaries of Krakow. With the decree of King Casimir III the Great,
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