Babiński Józef

Józef Babiński, famous neurologist, was a son of Warsaw emigrant, he was born in Paris in 1857. He studied medicine in Paris, got his doctor degree in 1885 and then worked in the hospital De La Pitie.

He was also a passionate scientist. In 1896 he described the phenomenon of foot reflexes, called later Plantar Reflex or Babinski Response. He also described the new definition of hysteria and divided nervous deceases into organic and non-organic. He was the first one in France and one of the first in the world who understood the role of surgeries in case of some neurological deceases, he became the precursor of the world neurology.

He was a co-founder of the French Neurological Society, member of Paris Medicine Academy. In 1925 he became the honorable professor of the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius.

He died in Paris in 1932.

The Krakow Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Kobierzyn was called after him and close to it there is a street of Dr. Babiński.

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