Barabasz Wiktor

Barabasz Wiktor is a Polish musician, teacher and organizer of music events in Krakow. He was born in Bochnia in 1855 and died in Krakow in 1928. He was learning to play the piano in the Musical Society “Muza”(Muse) in Krakow, in 1874 he continued his studies in University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. After going on few concert tours around Europe he came back to Krakow. Here he was leading a choir and organized its concerts, in 1886 he became an artistic director of the Musical Society, reorganized its choir, expanded and perfected the symphony orchestra, made sure that their concerts are regularly held, which made them extremely popular. When the school of Musical Society was transformed into University of Music, Wiktor Barabasz became its teacher and later a headmaster. After he provided several reforms the University became quite popular and in 1924 even 613 students graduated from it.  His biographer, Anna Woźniakowska, was describing him as an extremely hard-working person with outstanding organizing and musical talent.

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