Decjusz Palace

It is located at 1 Kasztanowa Street in the Wola Justowska district. It is a classic example of an artistic protectorate, cultivated by the patriciate of Krakow, is the palace built in 1533-1540 by the Roman count and royal secretary – Ludwik Just Decius. The palace was erected on the model of the suburban summer residences that were then built around Rome and Florence. It was built according to the design of Bartłomiej Berecci. The whole neighborhood was named after the owner. There is a tradition that there was a traffic light in the 16th century between the palace in Wola and Wawel. The palace was famous for its beauty and was praised by poets. It was here that humanists gathered, and then to the son of Decius, a dissident, for their services. The palace changed owners, the Lubomirskis thoroughly rebuilt it. Then the Czartoryski family took it over.

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