Decjusza Park

The park, located on Królowej Jadwigi Street in Krakow, was established between 1533-1540. The secretary of King Sigismund I the Old, while building his suburban summer residence, also established a palace garden. Its beautiful location and the renaissance composition of the park aroused general admiration. The old tree stand was destroyed during World War I, and the subsequent residential development reduced the park area. Currently, it is a public park, with a fragment of hornbeam rows preserved. Next to the park, in a given concert bowl, there is a gallery of sculptures and paintings by Bronisław Chromy.

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In addition to the former “soda plants” belonging to the Solvay company, there is a pine forest in Borek Fałęcki, covering over 35 ha. Developed for tourists, with marked walking paths, it is a great place for recreation for this factory district of Krakow.
The park located in Podgórze was established in 1884 by a teacher, Wojciech Bednarski. He took the initiative to establish it in a former quarry on the slope of Krzemionki. A beautiful landscape park was created on an area of 7.2 ha, which, combined with the nearby stadium of the
Krakow is a city relatively poor in greenery and places to relax – it has only 2.7 m2 of greenery per one inhabitant. The oldest garden in Kraków, probably established in 1241, is the garden at the Franciscan monastery. From the 16th century, private gardens began to appear at the
Garden Festival
The main idea behind the Garden Festival is to create an opportunity to spend time in beautiful gardens and parks in Krakow and to participate in a variety of cultural events for all those who are interested in nature as well as in culture. It is the only occasion to see
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