Eastern Orthodox Church followers in Krakow

First independent Eastern Orthodox Church in Poland had been created in 1929, currently is headed by Warsaw Metropolitan Archbishop. Krakow belongs to Lodz-Poznan diocese and owns one parish of Assumption of Mary. Was established in 1918, when the Eastern Orthodox Church was connected with the Russian Temple. Orthodox guardians stood honoured watch on the Krakow’s Main Square after liberation from Austrian occupation. Current location of a parish is at Szpitalna 24 street. Here we can find icons created by Jerzy Nowosielski.

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The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is located at Garncarska 24 Street in Krakow. It was built in the neo-Gothic style at the end of the XIX century and sacred in 1900. It was built on the basis of Władysław Kaczmarski‘s plans on land donated by Princess Wanda
Church of St. Andrew
Church of St. Andrew located at Grodzka Street on Krakow Old Town is one of the oldest Krakow churches. Built between 1079 and 1098 it is the only church in Krakow that survived the Mongol invasion of 1241 without detriment. It is the best preserved Romanesque church in Krakow and arguably
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