Friedlein Daniel Edward

Bookseller, bookbinder, publisher, born in Krakow in 1802, died in Krzeszowice in 1855. The son of Jan Jerzy Fryderyk, he acquired his knowledge from him and from his travels. He worked in his father’s bookstore, but after a few years he also started his own. After his father’s death, he joined them together and bought Jan Maj’s “Gazeta Krakowska”. During the Spring of Nations, he brought progressive emigration prints to Krakow. In 1848, “Czas” was published in his printing house. He was a famous art collector. A fire in 1850 destroyed his printing house, bindery, apartment and art collection. Only the bookstore in the Hetman’s tenement house survived, which over time became a literary and merchandise salon, a meeting place for art luminaries, such as Józef Majer, Wincenty Pol, etc.

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Bookbinder, bookseller, the youngest of the sons of Pastor Karol Fryderyk and Elżbieta Rebecca Sybil. He was born in 1771 in Deuten, and died in 1834 in Kraków. After learning the profession of a bookbinder, Jan Jerzy Fryderyk left his hometown to perfect his profession while traveling around the world,
Family from the Bavarian town of Deutenheim, near Wurzburg. Pastor Karol Fryderyk Friedlein lived there with his wife Elżbieta Rebeka Sibyl née Steinhauserin, they had nine children. The young people went all over the world, but one of them came to Krakow. A family legend said that they were not
In 1990-1995 it was published as a daily newspaper in Krakow, since 1996 it has been a weekly, published by Spółka Akcyjna Arka Press, and it follows the tradition of the former daily of the same name. He publishes articles, interviews, discussions on socio-political issues. Jan Polkowski became the first
Bimonthly affiliated with the Jagiellonian University, edited in cooperation with the Scientific Circle of Theaterologists. It has been published since 1994 by the Krakow Theater Association. This interesting magazine, which enjoys great popularity in the theater circles of the whole country, is headed by a 3-person college: Łukasz Drewniak, Grzegorz
Over centuries Krakow suffered from multiple fires. Citizens saw a burning castle, building, townhouses, palaces and churches or synagogues. Below you can find the list of more significant fires that haunted Krakow: 1025 – Cathedral on Wawel Hill is burning, Boleslaw Chrobry, King of Poland built this temple. 1125 –
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