Jurydyka Radziwiłłowska

It was a noble jurydyka covering the area from the city walls, along the present Copernicus st. to the Discalced Carmelite nunnery and along the old Lubicz st. Formerly, it was part of the Wesoła jurydyka. The land around today’s Radziwiłłowska once belonged to Count Emercjanna née Warszycka. Montmorency-Bours, which in 1661 sold them to the castellan of Kraków, Janusz Wiśniowiecki. Then, from the hands of Franciszka née Wiśniowiecka Radziwiłł, the wife of Prince Michał Radziwiłł, in the first half of the 18th century, hence the name was passed.

On behalf of the new owners, the judiciary was managed by Janusz Weryha Darowski. As the Radziwiłł family did not pay him for his service, the court commission, as a result of numerous trials, awarded him the property until 1791. It included Potocki’s manor house, several partially built-up squares and also a farm with a manor and a park called “Na Angielskiem”. At the end of the 18th century, it was bought and rebuilt by the coastal staroste, the founder of the Krakow theater – Jacek Kluczewski. The Good Order Commission restored the property to the Radziwiłł family, and Ks. Karol, voivode of Vilnius, son of Michał and Franciszka née Wiśniowiecka. They owned a juridic until the end of their existence – the Austrians in 1800 while occupying Krakow, eliminated their existence. This part of the suburb was then given its former name – Wesoła, then, after the owners’ name – Radziwiłłowska.

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