Kossak Magdalena-Samozwaniec

Kossak Magdalena – Samozwaniec was a writer, the daughter of Wojciech Kossak. She was born in Krakow in 1894. She is known primarily under the pseudonym Samozwaniec. She wrote mainly novels, farces and satirical comedies, humorous comedies, columns, and fairy tales and satires for children and teenagers.

Among other things, she wrote novels:

  • “On the lips of sin” (Polish: “Na ustach grzechu”)
  • ‘Wielki szlem”
  • “Maleńkie karo karmiła mi żona”
  • “Blue blood” (Polish: Błękitna krew”)
  • autobiography “Maria and Magdalena”
  • a novel about her sister Maria Jasnorzewska-Pawlikowska “Zalotnica Niebieska”, published after Magdalena’s death in 1973 (she died in 1972 in Warsaw).
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