Liban is the colloquial name of a quarry established in 1884 in Krzemionki Podgóskie by the company “Wapienniki i Kamieniołomy Liban i Ehrenpreis S.A.”. In 1942-1944, the Germans organised a cruel penal camp there. The conditions were very harsh and many people died because of this. The prisoners did not have any medical help, they worked day and night and starved. Many of them were shot by the Nazis. In 1948, a monument commemorating the victims of Nazism was unveiled nearby.


Liban Quarry Map

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“Mister of Krakow” is the title that was awarded to the winning building in the competition for the most beautiful and functionally built house.The competition was organised by the editors of the “Echo Krakowa” newspaper in the years 1964-1981. The aim of the competition was to encourage the construction of
Bach Days in Krakow
Since 1995, every March the Academy of Music in Krakow hosts Bach Days. For a few days, everyone is welcome to come and listen to acclaimed artists’ performances of music of one of the greatest composers of all time – Johann Sebastian Bach.  Each year, there is a different leitmotif of the festival.
Home Army Museum
The Home Army Museum in Krakow was established in 2000 to commemorate one of the most important organizations in the Polish history. It is the only institution in Poland that promotes knowledge about the Polish Underground State and its armed forces. The Museum bears the name of August Emil Fieldorf “Nil”,
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