Puget Jacek

Sculptor, son of Ludwik Puget, born in 1904, died in 1977 in Kraków. While he was a junior high school student, he fought in the Wielkopolska and Silesian Uprisings. In the years 1923-1925 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and in Paris in the studio of prof. Emil A. Bourdelle. Member of artistic associations “Rzeźba”, “K.P” and others. He created the scenery for the Cricot theater, he also acted there as a dancer, he wrote texts for the cabaret created by his father, “Pink Cuckoo. He also collaborated with left-wing organizations: MOPR, KPP, PPS-Left. During the Nazi occupation, he was active in the ZWZ and the Home Army. Together with his wife – Zofia Szczęsnowicz, also a sculptor, they hide Jews, Home Army soldiers and PPR activists in their apartment and studio. They collaborated with the “Żegota” Council to Aid Jews. In later years he became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and in 1952 he was awarded the State Prize. He sculpted nudes, heads, figural compositions, portrait busts of, for example, Stefan Jaracz or Magdalena Potworowska.

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Puget was a sculptor and art historian. He was born in Kraków in 1877 and died in Oświęcim in 1942. He studied painting at the Krakow school of fine arts and art history at the Jagiellonian University, then in Paris. Co-founder of the Literary Circle, author of a series of
French family. The Pugets came to Poland with the court of Queen Marysieńka Sobieska, in 1726 they received an indigenate, and in the Saxon times they became barons. Their family document bore the name Puget Puchet. Their palace is located at 11-15 Starowiślna Street in Krakow
Located at 11-15 Starowiślna Street in Krakow. Built in the meadows of St. Sebastian in 1874-1875 in the style of eclecticism, designed by the Warsaw architect Józef Kwiatkowski, commissioned by Baron Konstanty Puget. The palace used to be a beautiful palace and park complex with two outbuildings and a garden
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Beginnings of the Academy The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow was established in 1818. Initially, it functioned under the name School of Drawing and Painting as a  subdivision of the Department of Literature at the Jagiellonian University. It gained full autonomy in 1873 as the School of Fine Arts. The
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