Rotary Klub

On October 12, 1991, the Rotary Club Card was handed over, reactivated on November 29, 1990 after 50 years in Krakow. Rotary International was founded in Chicago in 1905, the name derives from the word “rotating” – because the club did not initially have a permanent seat, members met at various venues. The founder was Paul Harris, and the slogan “Give before you take”. This institution operates through clubs, chained into districts, and its headquarters are currently in Houston, USA. Before the war, Polish clubs had their own district – number 85. In November 1993, the first club in Krakow was established, including Jan Gwiazdomorski, Roman Dybowski, Jerzy Langrod, Walery Goetel and Odon Bujwid. The first convention of the district took place in Warsaw, it was attended by the club’s president – E.R. Johnson from Chicago USA. Currently, the club in Krakow has 42 members and is part of the Malmoe district. All club members count 1.2 million people in 27 clubs.

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St. Margaret and St. Judith Chapel is a small, wooden church located on ul. Blessed Bronisława. The place is associated with pagan times. Legend has it that two statues of the gods of wind stood near Krakow: Świst on Mount Lasota and Poświst, in the place where the described chapel
The museum is located at 24 Lubicz Street in Krakow and was created by Odon’s grandchildren. They founded it to perpetuate the memory of their grandfather, a great bacteriologist and social worker, a student of Robert Koch. He created tuberculin and also modified the Pasteurian rabies treatment. In the museum,
International Festival of Street Theatres
Every summer, Krakow becomes a huge outdoor stage and hosts International Festival of Street Theatres. Performances usually take place simultaneously at several stages located in the Old Town, most often on the Main Square, Szczepanski Square and Small Market Square behind St. Mary’s Basilica. International Festival of Street Theatres in Krakow was first
Cloth Hall
The majestic building in the centre of Krakow’s Main Square – Cloth Hall (Sukiennice in Polish), has stood there for almost seven centuries. It has now become one of the city’s best landmarks. The Cloth Hall has been the heart of the trade in Krakow from city’s very beginning. For centuries it
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