Tadeusz Ptaszycki

Architect, economic and social activist, born in St. Petersburg in 1908, died in Krakow in 1980. He studied architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and became an assistant there, he practiced in Starachowice. In the September campaign in 1939, he fought in the defense of Warsaw as a company commander of the 21st Infantry Regiment, then in German captivity in Woldenberg and Murnau. In 1946-1949 he dealt with the reconstruction of Wrocław, he prepared the first spatial development plan for the city. In the years 1949-1960 he was the general designer of Nowa Huta, in 1950-1960 he was the organizer and director of “Miastoprojekt”. President of the Krakow Branch and then of the Main Board of SARP, councilor of WRN and MRN in Krakow, member of many national and foreign societies, distinguished in many national and international competitions. In 1960, he was awarded the State Prize and the City of Krakow Prize. He has his own street in Nowa Huta.

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