The Three Mound’s Run

Three mounds run krakow

The Three Mound’s Run is an amazing sport initiative in Krakow, which connects not only sport lovers and runners, but also those who want to test their abilities or simply enjoy their day in the fresh air.

Three Mound’s Run 2021

The 2021 edition of the Run will take place on October 3, 2021 – a little bit later than planned, due to the coronavirus restrictions. Last year 2978 runners took part in the event, setting the new attendance record. This year is expected to be even more popular, as plenty of people can’t wait to start off in the desired and already postponed race!

Usually, the Three Mound’s Run is a part of the Royal Running Triad. Unfortunately, this year the two other sports events – Cracovia Royal Halfaraton and Cracovia Maraton were cancelled because of the coronavirus restrictions. However, there is already the new date for the legendary marathon – April 22, 2022.

The same goes for the Night Run (April 23, 2022), Cracovia Inline Skating Marathon (April 23, 2022) and Cracovia Marathon for the Disabled Athletes in Wheelchairs (April 24, 2022)

Three Mound’s Run – find out more

The first race was organized in 2007 and immediately gained popularity among Krakow citizens. Soon, it started to attract people from around the country and now is one of the most recognizable running marathons in Poland.

Participants of the Three Mound’s Run must do 13 km along a scenic route stretching between three Krakow mounds – the Kościuszko Mound, the Krakus Mound and the Piłsudski Mound.

three mounds run map

The road has different altitudes (up to 160 m) and leads along some unpaved routes as well. Due to its character, it is regarded as an Anglo-Saxon run, during which runners must proceed both up and down along the road.

It’s worth mentioning that the Three Mound’s Run is the only  mountain race in the country that crosses the city centre. Due to that fact, the route is highly attractive leading through picturesque areas in the historic center of Krakow as well as through green spaces with amazing landscapes to admire on the way.

Mounds in Krakow

Krakow Mounds are one of the city’s most important attractions, especially for those who appreciate nature. They represent not only the historical heritage of ancient and royal periods, but also provide highly attractive space for walks.

The Krakus Mound, starting point of the round, is located in Podgorze district. For many cracovians and Krakow visitors is the favourite one, both in terms of its scenic location and events that it regularly hosts, including Rekawka celebration. It is the most mysterious as its origins are not entirely clear (some say it dates back the 500 B.C.!). It is 271 metres high and by reaching its top, you can get a beautiful Krakow panorama with Wawel Castle and Nowa Huta district.

Kościuszko Mound is the closest one to the city centre. 326 meters high, it proudly overlooks Krakow Blonia – one of the biggest city meadows in Europe. It was created in the name of a national hero – Tadeusz Kościuszko and there is an interactive museum in which one can find out about his fascinating history. Visitors can also see a XIX-century fort with wax figures and walk around the Kosciuszko Gardens.

Piłsudski Mound is the final destination during the run. One could not think of a more attractive location for running competition. The highest mound in Krakow is surrounded by the most beautiful and green area in the city – Zwierzyniec. The route from Kosciuszko to Piłsudski Mound leads through amazing natural paths passing by the Wolski Forest and the Krakow Zoological Garden.

There is also the Wanda Mound, that is not included in the route of the Three Mounds Run due to its location. Nevertheless, even if you are not a fan of running, it’s definitely worth visiting all four mounds of Krakow and seeing this wonderful result made by man and nature.

Run in Krakow!

Last year was extremely difficult for everybody including runners and sport events. New restrictions and staying at home instead of going out for a regular workout were simply unbearable for many people. That’s why Krakow decided to act and created an amazing initiative for those who like to be active or want to start a healthy lifestyle.

There are regular running sessions for kids and adults organized by professional trainers. Everybody is welcome to join such activities in the open air or at home, online. It gained surprisingly wide popularity in just several months, which makes it clear – Krakow is not going to give up and will always forge ahead!

Krakow Bikes

Beside such initiatives, Krakow always offers a lot of space to be active for runners, walkers and cyclists. The city’s cycling infrastructure develops at an incredible rate including new cycle paths and city bikes. The Vistula Boulevards are especially popular among fresh air lovers, giving them a wonderful chance to enjoy rides, walks, yoga exercises or picnics. 

If you feel like it is something you could definitely enjoy, then Krakow is waiting for you!

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