Tips for first-time flyers

Tips for first-time flyers

Flying for the first time? Though incredibly exciting, the first time on a plane may also bring about a lot of stress. If you want to avoid it, there are couple of things to keep in mind. If your nervous before your first journey and don’t know what to expect, check out our simple mini guide for first-time flyers!

Get to know your airline procedures


Even though most airlines work in a similar way, there will always be some procedures and recommendations reserved for specific lines, flights, and countries. To avoid stress and make sure that everything goes smoothly, read carefully all the instructions you can find on the website. Will the check-in be online? How much luggage can you carry? What type of paperwork will you need? Remember that most airlines have the same regulations about hand luggage rules, and that all liquids should be transported in plastic containers which do not exceed 100 ml. Also, figure out the difference between cabin and hold luggage, and which one you are allowed to have with yourself during flight. All this – and so much more – information is bound to be on your website’s page, so prepare yourself beforehand.

Before flight preparation

The day of your trip has finally arrived. You have all of your documents and baggage ready. If you want your journey to be as comfortable as possible, stick to couple of rules. First, eat a light meal before the departure. Chances are you’re going to spend couple of hours in the airport, so you don’t want to get hungry or weak. Also, remember about comfortable clothing. Depending on the time of your travel, you may sit in your airplane seat for quite a long time. Comfort will probably end up being more important than fashionable looks. Prepare stuff like earplugs, headphones, pillow, and hand sanitizer. Those may come in handy during your journey, especially if it’s a long one. Remember that you should arrive at the airport about two hours before your departure.

Check-in online

Most of the modern airlines are giving you the option to check-in online. That way you’ll save yourself some time and stress on the airport. Check-in is usually available 48 hours before the flight. You should get on your airline website and find the right tab. To check in, you’ll need your reservation number and e-mail address you gave while buying the ticket. Check-in is usually very simple. At the end you’ll get your boarding pass that will be needed while going through the gates on the airport.

On the airport

You’ve arrived at the airport two hours before your flight. If you hadn’t checked-in online, now is the time to do it in person. You should find the check-in point for your flight. Most airports have them designated, so it’s relatively easy to locate. Next step will be the safety control. Your baggage and yourself will undergo scanning. You will have to get rid of phone, jewelry, keys and other metal objects or electronic devices. Then you will be led to the departure hall with boards displaying consecutive flight numbers along with gates. Priority boarding is granted to persons who have purchased such a service, are travelling in a class that provides such a privilege, or for other reasons are boarded first (e.g. families with children). At the gate you will again need to show your boarding pass and document. Then, depending on the airport, you’ll go through a special sleeve straight to the plane or get on a bus, which will take you to the plane.

On the plane

While boarding the plane, you’ll be once again asked to show your boarding pass and documents. After you do that, a stewardess will show you to your seat. When all of the passengers are safely seated, you will be shown how to fasten your seatbelts. Stewardesses will then talk briefly about actions you should take in different cases of emergencies. Within departure you’ll be asked to fasten your seatbelts. Once the plane is safely in the air, you will be able to unfasten them. The same procedure will happen during landing. While flying, you should have your phone turned off or switched to the airplane mode. You’re allowed to eat, drink, and use toilet. Due to the changes in the pressure, you may experience clogged ears. It’s only temporary, but if you want, chewing gum can help mitigate the feeling. Now’s the time to sleep, read, listen to music, or watch some videos. Basically, you can relax and enjoy your flight.

After the flight

As the plane approaches landing, passengers are again asked to fasten their seatbelts. After braking, the doors are opened and passengers can disembark. You should listen to any instructions and wait for your turn to leave or pick up the baggage. Again, depending on the airport, you will enter the building through a sleeve or walk to the bus. Then you will go through passport control and leave the airport area.

Flying for the first time can be scary! With our tips, however, it will turn into amazing adventure. Just keep them around during your first embark and enjoy your travel!

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